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or its police force.It does▓ the same duty on a large scal▓e for the former as do the l▓atter on a smaller scale in civil li●fe.It protects the commercial ent▓erpris

e of our merchant princes, ●finds new outlets for our manufacturers.It g●uards our seaports at home and abro●ad; it assists the civil police against the pr●oletariat, and that without creat●ing

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real hostility. It represents the fightin●g spirit that has made the nation what it is ●and has enlarged its boundaries.

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It has g▓iven us406 what without its aid w▓ould have been impossible—external and int▓ernal safety. And, most of all, it has

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p●reserved unsullied our natio●nal honour.Where the flag flies over British f▓ighting men, there our lads behave as becomes tr▓ue Englishmen, and fa

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